ADA 2020: First and recurrent CV and hospitalization events in the CAROLINA trial

Published: 09 Jul 2020

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Prof Nikolaus Marx (University Hospital Aachen, Aachen, DE) discusses the analyses of first and recurrent cardiovascular and hospitalization events in the CAROLINA trial.
1. Can you briefly remind us of the CAROLINA trial?
2. What was the rationale of this sub-analysis and what were its aims?
3. Can you tell us about the controversies regarding the cardiovascular safety of sulfonylureas?
4. Can you explain the study design?
5. What were your findings?
6. What conclusions can be made?
7. What are the take-home messages from the analysis for physicians?
Recorded remotely from Aachen, 2020.
Interviewer Victoria Perroud
Recording Editor Natascha Wienand