In the second part of ECR Podcast's series on sex-differences in hypertension, Dr Isabella Sudano (University Hospital and University of Zurich, Zurich, CH) and Dr Eva Gerdts (Haukeland University Hospital, Bergen, NO) are joined by Dr Angela Maas (Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, NL) to talk about the cardiovascular complications that may arise in women as a result of hypertension.

Discussion points include:

  • What do we know about sex differences in risk factors for coronary artery disease?
  • Traditional risk factors better identify risk for type 1 myocardial infarction, i.e. myocardial infarction due to coronary artery stenosis.
  • What are the most important risk factors for type 2 myocardial infarction? Myocardial infarction is increasing among young women in several countries.
  • What are the important underlying factors for this observation?
  • What about sex-differences in echocardiographic changes in hypertension and regression of hypertensive heart disease?
  • In women, hypertension, diabetes, obesity and smoking are more potent risk factors than in men for heart failure. Why is it so?
  • How can we reduce cardiovascular complications in women with hypertension?

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