Even though Dr Fisher was excelling in his chosen vocation, cardiovascular medicine, over time he lost his sense of purpose. Despite his success, he felt wounded and disconnected. His training predisposed him to suppress his emotions when faced with suffering and tragedy in order to be a better doctor. Today, Dr Fisher is at the forefront of the campaign to end clinician burnout.

This week’s guest on Parallax is Dr Jonathan Fisher Cardiologist and Organizational Well-Being and Resiliency Leader at Novant Health.

In this insightful and solution seeking episode, Dr Fisher shares how his journey to build a well-balanced relationship with his profession paved a way for his role as Organizational Well-Being and Resiliency Leader. Dr Kalra and Dr Fisher discuss the need for a more human faced medical education and an open dialogue about wellness and emotional wellbeing. They talk about interventions that can have huge impact on individuals and institutions alike.

What are the warning signs of burnout? How can institutions tackle systemic problems? What are some of the conversations that can help? What is Dr Fisher’s advice to our listeners?

Follow this link to learn more about Ending Clinician Burnout Global Community: https://endingphysicianburnout.com

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