At the beginning of her career, Prof Lam thought that being able to multi-task is one of her strengths. After many accomplishments as a cardiologist and a researcher, she believes that there is more power in focus and being fully present.


This week’s guest on Parallax is Professor Carolyn Lam, Senior Consultant and Director of Women's Heart Health at the National Heart Centre Singapore, Professor at the Duke-National University of Singapore and co-founder of Us2.AI, an award-winning medtech start-up as well as the host of the Circulation on the Run podcast.


In this refreshing and spiritual episode Carolyn reflects on her journey and the decisions and mentors that shaped her career as a heart failure specialist, trialist and as a public speaker. Ankur and Carolyn dive into the question whether being balanced is what we should be all aiming for. Ankur asks Carolyn about her work as a co-founder of Us2.ai, a start-up dedicated to the automation of the fight against heart disease by applying AI to echocardiography.


What makes Prof Carolyn Lam tick? What does spirituality and faith mean to Prof Lam? What are her thoughts on the role of AI in the democratization of medicine? What is her advice to our listeners?


Questions and comments can be sent to “podcast@radciffe-group.com” and may be answered by Ankur in the next episode. Guest, @lamcardio hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

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