e-SPACE Heart Failure 2022: Announcing Our Partnership With Translational Medicine Academy

Radcliffe Cardiology, one of Europe’s largest educational communities for cardiovascular professionals, today announces a partnership with Basel-based Translational Medicine Academy (TMA), a leading provider of education for physicians, for the delivery of the leading virtual event e-SPACE Heart Failure 2022.


e-SPACE Heart Failure 2022, to be held 14-15 October, will provide best-in-class free-to-access virtual education for healthcare professionals with an interest in heart failure. Bringing together thought-leaders from across the globe and broadcast over three time zones – Asia, Europe, and the Americas – e-SPACE Heart Failure 2022 will optimise geographical reach whilst delivering both global and regional insights.


Now in its third year, e-SPACE Heart Failure 2022 will be expertly curated by international thought leaders in the field. Its interactive programme will explore how leading experts are implementing new heart failure guidelines and support the discovery of the latest information on patient profiling for tailoring medical therapy.


The partnership combines Radcliffe’s rapidly growing global community of over 225,000 HCPs, and expertise in delivering the most innovative, immersive virtual events, with TMA’s rich know-how of bringing together thought leaders to curate programmes that challenge current practice and have real-world patient benefits.


Of the agreement David Ramsey, CEO of Radcliffe Group (owner of Radcliffe Cardiology), commented, “For some time this partnership has felt like a great strategic fit. e-SPACE Heart Failure’s free-to-access model is consistent with Radcliffe’s aims to democratise access to education of the highest quality to support lifelong learning among cardiovascular professionals. By harnessing our respective strengths, e-SPACE Heart Failure 2022 has set the goal to become the leading exclusively-virtual heart failure event. We’ll achieve that not only through disseminating education widely, but also through content that is thought-provoking and challenges our community to create an enduring legacy on patient outcomes.”


Charles Schoen, Managing Director of Translational Medicine Academy, commented, “TMA is a non-profit organization and our aim is to bridge the gap between clinicians and world experts to facilitate sharing of knowledge and skills, foster multi-disciplinary and inter-professional dialogue and promote better outcomes for patients whatever their economic status. With new guidelines in heart failure published by various academic societies, and the need to implement new therapeutic strategies including the four foundational therapies, we are convinced this collaboration with Radcliffe Cardiology will help us reach more physicians around the world, improve their online learning experience and contribute to the implementation of guidelines in more effective ways."


As part of this agreement, Radcliffe Cardiology is to cease its annual virtual event, Heart Failure Online (HFO), launched in early 2022.

Register for free to attend e-SPACE Heart Failure 2022.


For further information regarding this partnership, contact:

Jonathan McKenna, Radcliffe Group

E:  jonathan.mckenna@radcliffe-group.com


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About Translational Medicine Academy

Translational Medicine Academy (TMA) aims to bring medical findings from bench to bedside and into the working lives of physicians and the care of patients. In seeking to improve therapeutic approaches, TMA works with its International Scientific Advisory Board on Critical Mission Areas® of public health importance in domains where there are educational shortcomings among physicians and unmet healthcare needs among patients. Gathered around a Scientific Advisory Board of experts, the Translational Medicine Academy is an international non-profit foundation with headquarters in Basel, and offices in Paris, and the US. TMA’s funding includes private donations from individuals and educational grants from governments, non-governmental organizations and corporations. For more information on TMA, please visit www.tmacademy.org.