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Alternative Solutions: Epicardial Closure and Electrical Isolation of the LAA

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This live stream will be presented during the following session:

Session 9: Interesting and challenging cases
Case 4, presented by Thorsten Hanke, MD
Moderator: Lars Sondergaard, MD / Stefan Bertog, MD
Panelist: Bushra Rana, MD / Vijay Swarup, MD





Thorsten Hanke, MD

Thorsten Hanke, MD

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Learning objective

  • This presentation is intended to introduce minimal invasive surgical clipping techniques for epicardial left atrial appendage closure as well as electrical isolation and aims at electrophysiological interventional cardiologists.

Faculty Biographies

Thorsten Hanke, MD

Thorsten Hanke, MD

Associate director of the Cardiac Surgery Clinic at the Asklepios Clinic Hamburg-Harburg, Germany. He has specialized in treating atrial fibrillation surgically since 2007 and inaugurated a surgical stand-alone LAA treatment program at the Cardiac Surgery Clinic in Harburg in 2016. He is the Head of the steering committee of the German Surgical ablation registry (CASE-AF), which started in 2016 and which will oversee 400 patients after surgical ablation and LAA treatment.

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