New Challenges in the Management of Heart Failure - Meet the Experts

New Challenges in the Management of Heart Failure - Meet the Experts

Tackling practical issues in the management of the heart failure patient

Heart failure in 2020 - Where are we now and 'quo vadis'?


This webinar is part of a 2-day integral programme in Heart Failure. Please use the links provided to view both day’s agenda and to register for each session.

Wednesday 4th November 2020

WEBINAR I - Heart Failure in 2020 - Where are we now and ‘Quo Vadis’?

Chair: Andrew Coats

12:00 - 12:15 Welcome and introduction Juan Carlos Kaski & Giuseppe Rosano
12:15 - 12:45 HFpEF - Diagnosis, differences, risk stratification and management - An overview. Alexander Lyon
12:45 - 13:15 Management of HFrEF - Current guidelines and beyond. Andrew Coats
13:15 - 13:45 Practical issues in the management of heart failure - comorbidities - FAQ Panel discussion – Andrew Coats, Alexander Lyon, Giuseppe Rosano


Professor Juan Carlos Kaski
Programme Co-Director
Professor Kaski is Professor of Cardiovascular Science, St Gorge’s, University of London, the immediate past-Director of the Cardiovascular and Cell Sciences Research Institute at St George’s, University of London. He is Doctor Honoris Causa of several universities worldwide, a past-President of the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, Chairman -elect, European Society of Cardiology Working Group on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, and Fellow of over 30 scientific societies worldwide. Professor Kaski is Editor-in-Chief, European Cardiology Review Journal, Deputy Editor, European Heart Journal, Associate Editor, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy and editorial board member of JACC, the European Heart Journal and over 20 other scientific journals. Prof Kaski has wide expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of INOCA conditions and his research areas include inflammatory and immunological mechanisms of atherosclerosis, microvascular and vasospastic angina, biomarkers of cardiovascular risk and management of angina pectoris. He has authored over 500 scientific papers on these topics in peer review journals.


Professor Giuseppe Rosano
Programme Co-Director
Prof Rosano is a Consultant Cardiologist and Professor of Cardiology, Director of the MSc in Heart Failure at St George’s, University of London, and Scientific Director of the Nutramed programme at the IRCCS San Raffaele, in Rome.

He serves as an expert in cardiovascular medicine for the European Assessment Office of the Italian Drug Agency and is a core member of the Cardiovascular Working Party of the European Medicines Agency.

Prof Rosano is a board member and Treasurer of the Heart Failure Association (HFA), and is chairman of the HFA's education committee and the HFA Study Group on Diabetes and Hypertension.


Professor Andrew J. Stewart Coats
Prof Coats is Joint Academic Vice-President of Monash University, Australia and the University of Warwick, UK. His research greatly influenced the treatment for chronic heart failure, promoting exercise training instead of bed rest. He has a vast experience in education and publishing.

Prof Coats attended Melbourne Grammar School and studied at Oxford and Cambridge. He has higher doctorates from Oxford (DM) and Imperial (DSc.).

Prof Coats was appointed Viscount Royston Professor of Cardiology at Imperial College in 1996 and Director of Cardiology and Associate Medical Director of the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS trust. He was then appointed Dean of Medicine at the University of Sydney in 2002, and subsequently Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Professor Coats was most recently CEO of the Norwich Research Park, the UK's oldest and largest research and innovation park.

Prof Coats research interests are chronic heart failure, hypertension, and organizational behaviour. Professor Coats has a MBA from London Business School, is a Diplomate and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and member of the UK Institute of Directors.


Dr Alexander Lyon
Dr. Lyon is a Senior Lecturer in Cardiology at Imperial College London and a Consultant Cardiologist at the Royal Brompton Hospital. His clinical interests are in the field of heart failure, cardio-oncology including chemotherapy cardiomyopathy and the cardiovascular complications of modern cancer therapies, Takotsubo syndrome and the effects of major stresses of the heart, and the development of novel therapeutics including gene therapy for chronic heart failure. He trained at Oxford University where he was awarded a first class degree in Physiological Sciences and he obtained his PhD thesis from Imperial College in the field of cardiac gene therapy.

Dr Lyon is the current president of the British Cardio-Oncology Society, chair-elect of the new European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Council of Cardio-Oncology and he is the cardiology advisor to the charity Macmillan Cancer. Alex was on the board of the Heart Failure Association of the ESC (2016-2020), and he was the chair of the Heart Failure Association Cardio-Oncology and Takotsubo Syndrome Study Groups. He is a co-author of the ESC Position Statement on Cardio-Oncology, the ESC Cardio-Oncology Council article on the setting up and delivery of Cardio-Oncology services and the 2020 ESMO guidelines on the management of cardiac diseases in cancer patients.

Dr Lyon is an associate editor of the European Heart Journal and the European Journal of Heart Failure.


This online clinical academic event will focus on recent advances in the management of heart failure. The event consists of two online webinars on consecutive days of approximately 2 hours in duration each.

As the focus of the programme is on practical management of heart failure, the webinar sessions will be based on exemplary clinical cases and guideline recommendations to provide the attendees with up to date expert opinion on the different aspects of pharmacological treatment of heart failure.

All Faculty members are experts of international calibre with extensive clinical and research networks worldwide. Most of them have contributed to the development of national and international management guidelines.

  • To gain insight into the most recent developments in the pathophysiology of different forms of heart failure, including HFpEF and HFrEF.
  • To briefly discuss non-cardiac treatments affecting heart function i.e. oncological treatments.
  • To discuss current international management guidelines and their application to specific cases.
  • To gain insight into the management of heart failure patients affected by different co-morbidities such as diabetes and chronic kidney disease.
  • To present and discuss the management of iron deficiency and frailty in heart failure.

The webinar is aimed at cardiac consultants, diabetologists, vascular surgeons, renal physicians, general practitioners with an interest in cardiovascular disease, specialist nurses and other health professionals involved in heart failure, cardiovascular risk assessment and management, and trainees in all of the above areas.

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This programme has been devised exclusively and independently by the meeting’s scientific committee and has been endorsed by St George’s University of London and ISCP. The industry has provided an unrestricted educational grant to cover organisational costs and has had no input into the agenda or content of this educational activity.