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Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics 2020

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We regret to inform you that we decided to cancel CCT2020, which was to be held from October 22 (Thu.) to 24 (Sat.) in Kobe, Japan.

The world-wide spread of COVID-19 infection has been taking a turn for the worse and the number of the patient has been increased in Japan too. In the USA and Italy, it has been reported that more than 20,000 deaths are already confirmed and the number is increasing day by day. Under such world-wide COVID-19 pandemic situation, this is the time for medical practitioners from all over the world to unite and act for prevention and settlement of the infection.

It is known that the mortality of COVID-19 patients with cardiovascular diseases is high, and we believe that cardiologists are able to hugely contribute in treating COVID-19 patients by not only primary PCI for the patient with heart attack but also mechanical support for the patient who reached circulatory dysfunction.

In order to realize these contributions, prevention of infection of doctors themselves and dispersion of manpower is essential. Therefore, we have decided to cancel CCT meeting in 2020. Last but not least, we wish you and your family’s safety until the day we conquer the COVID-19 pandemic and hold CCT again.

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