Clinical Utilisation of Fractional Flow Reserve in Multi-Vessel Disease

LIVE WEBCAST Performed by Dr. Justin E Davies, Consultant Cardiologist, Imperial College NHS Trust. 

Monday 13th October 2014
14:30-15:30 GMT (15:30-16:30 CET; 9:30-10:30AM EST, 6:30-7:30AM PST)


  1. Introduction to the ethos of Live from the Hammersmith
  2. Outline for the live case broadcast
  3. Importance of FAME 3, Syntax in multi-vessel disease assessment in changing patient demographics
  4. Introduction of patient case
  5. FFR set up at the Hammersmith
  6. Essentials for Good measurement
  7. ABC of measurement (normalisation, nitrates, and measurement)
  8. Measurements and Treatment
  9. Review of Case - how FFR changed practice in context of Syntax
  10. Session Ends


Start date
Monday, October 13, 2014
End date
Monday, October 13, 2014

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