75th Brazilian Congress Of Cardiology 2020

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It is with great pride that the 75th edition of the Brazilian Congress of Cardiology, promoted by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC), will take place in Brasília , capital of all Brazilians, on the 20th to the 23rd of November 2020 . This edition of the Brazilian Congress of Cardiology, in Brasília, is the result of the great union of all Brazilian cardiology, symbolized by the generosity of the cardiologists from Fortaleza and Ceará who, in their fortress, brought the necessary strength to overcome the challenges of the moment.

The Brazilian Congress of Cardiology is the main event of cardiology in Brazil, promoting the integration of the best of cardiovascular science and the clash of ideas between the different currents of scientific thought in the specialty. In view of the innovative model of the last editions, SBC 2020 promises to be not only the meeting point for cardiologists from all over the country, a moment of scientific and professional updating of these thousands of specialists, but the great meeting of solidarity and unit of all cardiologists in Brazil.

The target audience of this congress is cardiologists, but we have increasingly sought to incorporate other medical specialties, such as clinicians, intensivists, professionals in the Family Health Strategy and geriatricians. This time, we expect more than 6,000 congressmen to participate in the 75th Brazilian Congress of Cardiology in Brasília, and we are certain that this is our great contribution to the advancement of cardiology and Brazilian medicine.

The event will take place at the International Convention Center of Brazil - CICB, a structure with perfect air conditioning and modern lighting, sound insulation and all the necessary requirements to host large events. Certainly, it offers all the facilities and comfort to receive an event of the relevance and tradition of the Brazilian Congress of Cardiology.

The Brazilian Society of Cardiology's commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and innovation is perennial, our Congress is one of the most traditional in Brazilian Medicine, a tradition that is renewed every year, now, with the technological incorporation, allowing the interaction between the lecturer and the congressmen who promote a useful didactic experience. The history of the Brazilian Congress of Cardiology is confused with the history of SBC itself.

The Organizing Committee is committed to building high-level scientific programming and promoting exchanges with prestigious international cardiological societies, the hallmark of our congresses. Also, it is the meeting point for the best of Brazilian cardiology represented by state, regional societies and specialized departments.

We already count on your trust and support to build together the largest congress of Brazilian cardiology.

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