57th Annual World Congress-International College of Angiology and 7th National Symposiun of Vascular Medicine

The overall mission of the 5 7 th Annual World Congress of the International College of Angiology is to bring together basic and clinical scientists to share universally current knowledge and techniques in angiology to update the pathophysiology of disease, clinical diagnostic methods, and treatment for improved healthcare delivery and future research.

The ICA Annual World Congress provide s a forum for the synthesis of State - of - the - Art information that encompasses the pathophysiology, clinical diagnosis, and treatment of vascular diseases as they are encountered by primary care physicians, v ascular, general, thoracic, cardiothoracic, and cardiovascular surgeons, neurosurgeons, cardiologists, internists and cardiology a nd vascular interventional radiologists.

This Congress is designed to offer a serious academic forum to those physicians and allied healthcare personnel interested in research, education, and clinical investigation in the field of cardiovascular diseases. The congress is intended to provide an in - depth review of the spectrum of topics related to the management and new treatment modalities, including diagnosis, assessment, intervention, risk factors management and surgery.

The global goal of this Congress and Symposium are to communicate a commitment by providing needs - based education that is independent of commercial interests and foster changes in target audience knowledge, competence and performance to ultimately improve patient outcomes.

At the conclu sion of this activity, the attendees should be more confident in their ability to:

  1. Examine concepts related to car diovascular diseases.
  2. Discuss strategies to improve patient outcomes in managing cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Analyze treatment strate gies that involve complex patient situations with multiple contributing risk factors.
Start date
Friday, October 2, 2015
End date
Sunday, October 4, 2015
Holiday Inn-Kamayoran Jakarta
Phone: +802.988.4065
Fax: +802.988.4066
6° 12' 31.5468" S, 106° 50' 44.1564" E

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