Zsofia Drobni

Zsofia Drobni

Cardiology Fellow

Semmelweis University, Budapest, HU


Dr Zsofia Drobni is a Cardiology Fellow at Semmelweis University, Budapest, HU. Her research focuses on the utility of cardiac CT and MRI in patients receiving cardiotoxic therapies, with a specific focus on immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Dr Drobni graduated in 2017 from Semmelweis University, in Hungary, and continued her PhD studies at Semmelweis. Her PhD thesis was on “new perspectives of CT-based cardiovascular risk assessment”.

From 2019, Dr Drobni was a research fellow at the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University. 

Dr Drobni is currently the president of and founded the Hungarian Chapter of IC-OS.