Sukriti Banthiya

Sukriti Banthiya

Ascension Providence, MI, US



Sukriti was born in India, and graduated from the Medical School in Bangalore, before coming to the US to pursue her Internal Medical Residency at Ascension Providence in Michigan. A visual learner and self-taught artist, she loves to learn using art as an aid to simplify complex concepts in medicine, with a focus on cardiology. She is the author of “Learning Medicine with Art”, a compilation of medical illustrations which aims to make learning fun for the medical student!

Articles by Sukriti Banthiya

Looking Beyond the Usual Suspects: A Rare Case of Stiff Left Atrial Syndrome after Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer

Sukriti Banthiya, Medhat Chowdhury, Harshil Patel, et al


Citation: US Cardiology Review 2023;17(Suppl 1):A1.