Sergio Baptista

Sergio Baptista

Hospital CUF Cascais and Hospital Fernando Fonseca, Portugal

  • Radcliffe


  • Author of more than 120 scientific communications (of which more than 50 in International Congresses).
  • Author of more than 20 articles published, most in International journals
  • Associate investigator of multiple multicentre clinical trials and national and international registries
  • Assistant of the course of Introduction to the Clinic (3rd year, Faculty of Medicine of Lisbon).
  • Professor and responsible for the module of Cardiology Emergencies of the Graduate Course in Emergency and Hospital Emergency, College of Postgraduate Studies of the School of Health of the Atlantic University
  • Co-Editor of the Risk Factors Journal of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology (2014-2017)
  • Reviewer of several National and International medical journals 2006-2007 - Director and Technical Officer of "Choque Pr'a Vida" (first automatic external defibrillation project in Portugal)
  • Basic Life Support Instructor, External Automatic Defibrillation, Immediate Life Support and Advanced Life Support


Heart disease, Myocardial infarction, Heart failure, Arrhythmias, High blood pressure, Cholesterol