Robert Sykes

West of Scotland Heart and Lung Centre, Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow, UK; Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

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Personal History

Dr Robert Alexander Sykes is a PhD candidate and Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. He is based in the West of Scotland for clinical and research training.4


Academic History

He achieved both his BMedSci (2012 - 2013) and his MBChB (2010 - 2016) at the University Of Edinburgh. In 2018, he obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Professionals Education from the University of Glasgow School of Medicine.1

In 2020, Dr Sykes began working on his PhD in the field of Cardiovascular Science at the University of Glasgow Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences.4


Career Overview

Dr Sykes is a PhD student and Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences. He is also an Honorary Clinical Fellow in Cardiology at the Golden Jubilee Foundation.1, 3, 4

He currently practices his clinical work within the Cardiology department of Golden Jubilee National Hospital.4  Dr Sykes is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow.1


Career Timeline

  • NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
    • 2016 - 2018: Academic Foundation Doctor & Honorary Clinical Fellow
    • 2018 - 2020: Core Medical Trainee
  • University of Glasgow
    • 2016 - 2018: Honorary Clinical Fellow
    • 2018 - 2020: Honorary Clinical Lecturer in Medicine
    • 2020 - Present: Clinical Research Fellow, Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences
  • 2020 - Present: Honorary Clinical Fellow, Cardiology, Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire


Areas of Speciality

  • Intervention
  • Myocardial infarction





Articles by Robert Sykes

What an Interventionalist Needs to Know About MI with Non-obstructive Coronary Arteries

Robert Sykes, Daniel Doherty, Kenneth Mangion, et al


Citation: Interventional Cardiology Review 2021;16:e10.