Oskars Kalējs

Oskars Kalējs

Cardiologist & Professor


Pauls Stradiņš University Hospital, Riga, LV

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Dr Oskars Kalējs is Professor at the Latvian Centre of Cardiology and Chief of the Arrhythmia Service at Pauls Stradiņš University Hospital, LV.

Dr Kalējs is Chief of Arrhythmia Service at Pauls Stradiņš University Hospital in Latvia and his main interests are invasive electrophysiology and methods such as ablation of cardiac arrhythmias. Dr. Kalējs' interests also include non-invasive approaches to diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias, pharmacologic management of arrhythmias and sports cardiology.  

Dr Kalējs is a compassionate physician and a well respected lecturer at Riga Stradiņš University where he is the Head of the Cardiology Educational Programme. As a scientist, he continuously strives to analyse clinical and research problems with close attention to detail. 

Dr Kalējs is very active in the field of clinical electrophysiology and participates in all national and many international meetings in the field.

In addition to his MD and PhD, Dr Kalējs has an academic position as Professor of
Cardiology in Stradins University, Riga. He is an active member of ESC, FESC since 2005 and EHRA member since the founding of the Association.