Nesan Shanmugam

Nesan Shanmugam

Consultant Cardiologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, St George’s University of London Cardiology Clinical Academic Group, London, UK

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Dr Shanmugam graduated from King’s College, University of London with a BSc (Hons) in 1998. He trained on the South West London Cardiology rotation and completed specialist cardiology training in 2013. He completed an international fellowship at the National Heart Centre/Duke-NUS Singapore in device therapy and advanced cardiac imaging, before being appointed as a consultant cardiologist in October 2013 at St George’s University Hospital, London.

Clinical Interests
General cardiology, heart failure and cardiac imaging (cardiac MRI and echocardiography). He is clinical lead for the optimisation and follow-up of patients with CRT and the cardiac sarcoid service.

Research/Education Interests 
Dr Shanmugam is a Honorary Senior Lecturer based in the Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute at St George’s University of London. He has ongoing research interests in cardiac sarcoidosis and inflammatory cardiomyopathies, cardiac MRI and cardiac device therapies in heart failure. He has also obtained a postgraduate certificate in medical education at University College London and continues to teach undergraduates and postgraduates.

Dr Nesan Shanmugam is on the Editorial Board of European Cardiology Review.

Articles by Nesan Shanmugam, Consultant Cardiologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer

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Successful Identification of and Discrimination Between Atrial and Ventricular Arrhythmia with the Aid of Pacing and Defibrillator Devices

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