Marc Dweck

Professor of Clinical Cardiology

University of Edinburgh, UK


Professor Marc Dweck is the Professor of Clinical Cardiology and Consultant at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He is an EACVI Board Member with clinical interests in multi-modality imaging and cardiac device implantation His research program is centred around the use of multi-modality imaging (echo, CT, CMR, PET) to improve our understanding of cardiovascular pathophysiology and ultimately to improve patient assessment, care and outcomes. In particular he has focused on coronary atherosclerosis, aortic stenosis and cardiomyopathy. He has published in many of the leading medical and cardiovascular journals and is the recipient of numerous national and international awards (e.g. Michael Davies Award; Sir Jules Thorn Award; BHF Outstanding Investigator Award, Parmley Prize JACC). He is currently the Chief Investigator of two ongoing RCTs trials of novel therapeutic strategies in aortic stenosis (SALTIRE 2 NCT02132026 & EVOLVED NCT03094143).