José-Ángel Cabrera

José-Ángel Cabrera

Head of the Cardiology Service

Unidad de Arritmias, Departamento de Cardiología, Hospital Universitario Quirón-Salud Madrid and Complejo Hospitalario Ruber Juan Bravo, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain

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Personal History

Born in 1962 in Jaén, Spain, Dr José Ángel Cabrera is a recognized expert in heart anatomy.2

“From a very young age, I had an interest in cardiology. I had a relative, my uncle, whom I saw handle cardiac anatomy in children and how he did cardiovascular imaging. So I went to Granada to study medicine,” he says.3


Academic History

He earned his Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Granada. He then completed his postgraduate training as an Interventional Cardiologist at the Arrhythmia Unit (Cardiac Electrophysiology laboratory) of the Jiménez Díaz Foundation in Madrid from 1994 to 1996.1

He was also a Senior Research Fellow at the National Heart & Lung Institute in the Royal Brompton Hospital, London.1


Career Overview

Dr Cabrera has been Head of the Cardiology Service at Quirón Madrid University Hospital since the hospital began operating in 2006. He has also been Head of the Cardiology Unit of the Ruber Juan Bravo Hospital Complex since 2013. He is a Professor at the European University of Madrid where he directs the Department of Translational Basic and Clinical Cardiology.1

Dr Cabrera’s clinical experience and research aimed at the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias have made him an expert of recognized national and international prestige in the field of percutaneous treatments of heart rhythm disorders, especially atrial fibrillation.1

After returning from London, he organized and directed the Arrhythmia Unit of the Cardiology Service of the Nuestra Señora del Pino University Hospital in Las Palmas until 2000. He then became Associate Head of the Arrhythmia Unit and Director of the Electrophysiology Laboratory of the Jiménez Foundation Díaz.1

Before Dr Cabrera transferred to the Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital in 2006, he was Professor of Cardiology at the Autonomous University and Fellowship Program Director of the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology (Heart Rhythm Society) for six years.1

He is a Member of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, SEC Section of Arrhythmias, European Society of Cardiology, Working Group on Arrhythmias, European Heart Rhythm Association, North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology. Dr Cabrera participates in numerous committees for the selection and monitoring of scholarships and research projects of various national and international societies of cardiology and cardiac arrhythmias.1

He is a reviewer of articles for publication in various journals such as Revista de la Sociedad Española de Cardiología, Heart Rhythm, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology, PACE, Europace, Heart, Circulation, Journal of American College of Cardiology, Circulation Electrophysiology and Journal of Interventional Cardiovascular Electrophysiology.1


Career Timeline

  • 1997 - 2000: Director, Arrhythmia Unit, Cardiology Service, Nuestra Señora del Pino University Hospital, Las Palmas
  • 2000 - 2006: Associate Head, Arrhythmia Unit & Director, Electrophysiology Laboratory of the Jiménez Foundation Díaz, Madrid
  • 2009: Professor, Cardiology, European University of Madrid
  • 2000 - 2006: Fellowship Program Director of the North American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology
  • 2006 - Present: Head, Cardiology Service, Quirónsalud Madrid University Hospital
  • 2013 - Present: Head, Cardiology Service, Quirónsalud San José Hospital 


Areas of Speciality

  • Cardiac arrhythmias



  • 2018 & 2019: One of the 100 best doctors in Spain
  • 2017: One of Forbes "Best Cardiologists in Spain”






The Atrioventricular Conduction Axis and its Implications for Permanent Pacing

José-Ángel Cabrera, Robert H Anderson, Andreu Porta-Sánchez, et al


Citation: Arrhythmia & Electrophysiology Review 2021;10(3):181–9.