Heribert Schunkert

Heribert Schunkert

Director of Department / Medical director of DHM

German Heart Center, Munich, DE


Dr Heribert Schunkert, MD is Professor for Cardiology at the Technische Universität München as well as Director of the Cardiology Dept. and Medical Director of the German Heart Centre Munich.

From 2002-2012 Prof. Schunkert was Director of the Dept. for Internal Medicine and Cardiology at the University of Lübeck. 

In October 2012 Prof. Schunkert he was offered the Chair in Cardiology in Munich. 

Prof. Schunkert conducts research in molecular biology and genetics of multifactorial cardiovascular disease. In his initial scientific career he focused on the functional implications of tissue renin-angiotensin systems. He was the first to describe that ACE is formed in the heart, induced by cardiac hypertrophy and also further aggravates this process (JCI 1990, more than 550 citations).