Alexandre Mebazaa

Professor of Medicine

Paris Cité University, Paris, FR.


Prof Alexandre Mebazaa is a Professor of Medicine at Paris Cité University, Paris, FR.

He is also Director of INSERM Unit 942 Mascot and Chair of Department of Anesthesia & Critical Care, Paris, FR.

Prof Mebazaa leads a large research group on biomarkers and biotherapies in critical conditions, named MASCOT granted by the Université de Paris Cité and Inserm. He is part of the task force that wrote the 2021 ESC / HFA Guidelines of Heart Failure and the 2023 addendum.


Articles by Alexandre Mebazaa, Professor of Medicine

Levosimendan Efficacy and Safety: 20 years of SIMDAX in Clinical Use

Zoltán Papp, Piergiuseppe Agostoni, Julian Alvarez, et al


Citation: Cardiac Failure Review 2020;6:e19.