Tips and Tricks in Imaging Your Patients With Valvular Heart Disease – Aortic Stenosis, Mitral Regurgitation and Tricuspid Regurgitation

Published: 24 June 2021

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    4m 9s
    Part 5 Summary and Close
    Jose Luis Zamorano, Rebecca T Hahn, Patrizio Lancellotti, Martin Swaans, Philippe Pibarot
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    6m 51s
    Part 1 Welcome and Introduction Jose Luis Zamorano, Rebecca T Hahn, Patrizio Lancellotti, Martin Swaans, Philippe Pibarot
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In this on-demand programme, a world-renowned faculty led by Programme Chair Prof José Luis Zamorano (University Complutense, Spain) and Scientific Director Dr Rebecca T Hahn (New York-Presbyterian / Columbia University Medical Center, US), explore tips, tricks and expert insight to optimise echocardiographic image acquisition strategies to support earlier diagnosis and improved patient outcomes.


Combining presentations and opinion from Dr Philippe Pibarot (Laval University, Canada), Prof Patrizio Lancellotti (University of Liège, Belgium), and Dr Martin Swaans (St Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein, the Netherlands), this programme addresses key issues including how to do an aortic valve echo, what to look for, how to interpret results; how to optimise a mitral valve echo; why doing tricuspid imaging is difficult, how to do a tricuspid valve echo (with various parameters) – and many more.

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Part 1

Welcome and Introduction

Chair Prof Juan Zamorano sets the scene for the programme, emphasing Valvular Heart Diseases as a re-emerging public health problem underpinned, in part, by the ageing demographic of the global population with increased live expectancy. There remain considerable unmet needs for treatment, particularly improved interventional therapies.

Part 2

Tips and Tricks in Imaging Your Patients with Tricuspid Regurgitation

Prof Patrizio Lancellotti explores Tricuspid Regurgitation, acknowledging the complex anatomy involved, the frequency of secondary TR and the overall prevalence with poor prognosis. The role of multimodality imaging is key, but there remains a need for percutaneous treatment options.

Part 3

Tips and Tricks in Imaging Your Patients with Mitral Regurgitation

Dr Swaans provides insight into imaging patients with Mitral Regurgitation, and – with the challenges of MR quantification – intra- and inter-observer viability remains high. With limitations for each method, an integrative approach is recommended.

Part 4

Tips and Tricks for Imaging your Patients with Aortic Stenosis

Dr Pibarot examines imaging for Aortic Stenosis, and discusses strategies to both avoid overestimation and – the more frequent – underestimation of AS severity, through measuring LVIT, calculating DVI, and multi-window CW Doppler interrogation.

Part 5

Summary and Close

Prof Juan Zamorano provides a comprehensive summary of the programme, outlining key take-home messages for tricuspid, mitral and aortic valve disease. Dr Rebecca Hahn shares her reflections on the programme and the challenges that lie ahead.

Faculty Biographies

Philippe Pibarot

Philippe Pibarot

Director of the Research Group in Valvular Heart Diseases

Philippe Pibarot is Full Professor at the Department of Medicine of Laval University, Canada. He also serves as Director of the Research Group in Valvular Heart Diseases at the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute. He received his doctorate from the University Claude Bernard, France, and his PhD in biomedical sciences from the University of Montreal, Canada. Dr Pibarot has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Annual Achievement Award of the Canadian Society of Echocardiography, and the Research Achievement Award of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society. His key interests include valvular heart diseases, cardiovascular surgery, heart valve diseases, and pulmonary hypertension.  

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Jose Luis Zamorano

Jose Luis Zamorano

Professor of Medicine and Chief of Cardiology

Jose L Zamorano is Professor of Medicine at the University Alcala de Henares, Madrid, and the Chief of Cardiology at the University Hospital Ramón y Cajal.

Prof Zamorano’s has a broad range of research interests including heart failure, ischaemic heart disease, cardiovascular risk factors and cardiovascular imaging modalities. Within these fields, Prof Zamorano he is widely published with over 500 articles and twenty books including the European Textbook of Cardiovascular Imaging. 

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Rebecca T Hahn

Rebecca T Hahn

Director of Interventional Echocardiography

Rebecca T Hahn is Director of Interventional Echocardiography at NewYork-Presbyterian/ Columbia University Medical Center, US. She also serves as Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. Dr Hahn completed her medical training at University of Washington School of Medicine, and her residency and fellowship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center. Dr Hahn is board certified in cardiovascular disease, internal medicine and echocardiography.

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Patrizio Lancellotti

Patrizio Lancellotti

Head of the Cardiology Department

Personal History

In 1970, Professor Lancellotti was born in Charleroi, Belgium to parents of Neapolitan origin.7, 8 He studied chemistry at the University of Labour Paul Pastur and graduated as a technician in 1988.7 It was his fascination with the heart and its physiology that drew him to cardiology and he has “always found that the heart was a noble organ.”9

Alongside Professor Gach and Dr Robinet, he implanted the first Micra™ (the world's smallest pacemaker) in Wallonia in 2017 and it placed the CHU de Liège/University Hospital of Liège among the centres of European leaders in cardiology.7

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Martin Swaans

Martin Swaans

Dr Martin Swaans is cardiologist at St Antonius Hospital Nieuwegein in the Netherlands. Dr Swaans specialises in cardiac imaging, particularly in electrophysiology and interventional procedures. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the globe and a world authority for interventional imaging. Dr Swaans is heavily involved in the development of cutting edge imaging technologies.

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