TCT 2023 Late-Breaking Science Collection

Published: 09 January 2024

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Stay up-to-date with our regular review series, View from the Thoraxcenter hosted by Prof Nicolas Van Mieghem and Dr Joost Daemen (Thoraxcenter, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL). In this #TCT2023 edition they provide a short analysis of the most pertinent data from the late-breaking science presentations. 

Short, accessible Expert Interviews were conducted with investigators focusing on study design, key results and applicability of the latest data. 

About the episode

TCT 23 - In this short virtual interview, we are joined by Dr Martin B Leon (Columbia University Medical Center, US) to discuss the 5-year outcomes from Edwards' PARTNER 3 low-risk trial (NCT02675114).

PARTNER 3 is a randomized, prospective, multicenter trial that aimed to determine the safety and effectiveness of the SAPIEN 3 transcatheter heart valve in patients with severe calcific aortic stenosis with low operative risk for aortic valve replacement. 1000 patients were enrolled in the trial, and were randomized to receive either TAVR with the SAPIEN 3 valve, or a commedically available surgical bioprosthetic valve.

Results showed that death, strokes and cardiac rehospitalisation was reduced across 5 years with both TAVR and surgery, though the delta showed preference towards TAVR.

Interview Questions:

  1. What are the unmet needs in TAVR patients in 2023?
  2. Could you tell us a bit about the SAPIEN 3 Valve and its features?
  3. What was the patient population and study design?
  4. What are the main findings?
  5. What conclusions can be drawn?
  6. What further study is still needed?

Recorded remotely from New York, 2023.

Editor: Jordan Rance
Video Specialist: Oliver Miles

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