Renal Denervation in the Real World – Practical Guidance for New Users: On-demand

Published: 25 April 2022

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    Part 4 Discussion and Close
    Roland E Schmieder, Michel Burnier, Cara East, Konstantinos Tsioufis
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In this on-demand version of the live broadcast, Radcliffe Medical Education brings together a globally-renowned European and American faculty to share best practices on resistant hypertension and renal denervation (RDN).


This programme has been carefully curated for healthcare professionals that manage patients with resistant hypertension. This expert guidance will distil the most important practical points on identifying candidates for RDN. The programme aims to draw attention to the current scale of resistant hypertension in the hypertensive population and impart understanding on appropriate patient selection for RDN.


Prof Roland Schmieder (University Hospital Erlangen, DE) moderates proceedings, and is joined by Prof Michel Burnier (University Hospital of Lausanne, CH), Prof Cara East (Texas A&M College of Medicine, US) and Prof Konstantinos Tsioufis (University of Athens, GR) for a series of insightful presentations and discussions.

This programme is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Medtronic.


  • Assess the current global burden of resistant hypertension
  • Carry out appropriate assessments to identify resistant hypertension
  • Identify patients most likely to benefit from RDN
  • Recall the practical considerations for adopting RDN into routine practice
  • Recall the latest data on RDN from recent clinical trials


  • Interventionalists
  • Nephrologists
  • Specialists engaged in treating hypertension
  • General Practitioners
  • General Cardiologists

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Faculty Biographies

Cara East

Cara East

Clinical Professor of Medicine, Texas A&M College of Medicine, US

Cara East is Clinical Professor of Medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine, US. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Disease and Echocardiography.

Prof East has practiced general cardiology for over 30 years, with specific focus on prevention. At Texas Heart Center, Prof East leads a clinical research team, whose focus spans renal artery nerve ablation, anti-inflammatory drugs for the prevention of recurrent events after a heart attack, and drugs to lower cholesterol levels, among other areas. 

Prof East has lectured internationally, and is widely published in leading international journals.

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