Multivessel Disease (MVD): 60 Second Insights

Published: 08 March 2018

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    Colin Berry
    Colin Berry
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A short series of 60-second insight videos on Multivessel Disease (MVD).

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Part 1

How do manage patients with multi-vessel disease during PPCI?

Part 2

Do you think we should be doing multi-vessel revascularisation instead of CABG? If so, in which cases?

Part 3

Do you prefer Clopidogrel, Ticagrelor or Prasugrel?

Part 4

Do you have any concerns giving adenosine during PPCI or would your prefer and adenosine-free technique?

Part 5

Do you believe registry (i.e. culprit only) or RCT data (treat all vessels)?

Part 6

Do you believe coronary physiology has a role in non-culprit PPCI decision-making?

Part 7

Are you using G2B3A inhibitors like ReoPro?

Part 8

Are you using Bivalirudin or Heparin?

Part 9

What trials best support the use of MVD PCI?

Part 10

Should we balloon acutely and then returning to stent the following morning?

Part 11

Should PPCI be performed at large surgical centres only?

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