How To Do Left Bundle Branch Pacing

Published: 15 Sep 2020

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Is LBB area pacing superior to right ventricular pacing in a healthy ventricle?

In this video, Prof Francisco Leyva (Birmingham, UK) meets with Dr Paul Foley (Swindon, UK) and Prof Marek Jastrzebski (Krakow, PL) to discuss how to conduct left bundle branch area pacing (LBB).

Hear the experts provide an overview of conduction pacing systems (Dr Foley) and their experience handling the leads and catheters to perform LBB using this new technique, based on their experience over the last 3 years and implanting over 300 devices (Prof Jastrzębski).

Hear discussions around:

  • the challenges and the importance of selecting the appropriate device
  • a discussion over suitable catheters and the advantages of steerable sheaths/pre-shaped sheaths
  • how to find the target area
  • the responses to screwing
  • pace mapping and the importance of screw beats
  • their thoughts on the ability to circumvent scarring


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