Dysphagia and the Management of Patients in Need of Lipid-Lowering

Published: 20 July 2022

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This virtual round table series focuses on dysphagia and the management of patients in need of lipid-lowering medications. The first three sessions of this video series are presented by Dr Yassir Javaid (Northamptonshire CCG, UK), Prof Nina Barnett (London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust, UK) and Mr Paresh Parmar (London North West Healthcare NHS Trust, UK) followed by session four, a faculty discussion on patient case study. 

Dysphagia is a life-threatening disorder that can be caused by a number of conditions, such as stroke, neurological disorders and tumours. By participating in this series, you will gain further insight into the diagnosis of dysphagia, medication adherence, the importance of lipid management and individualising your treatment approach. The renowned faculty will also present and discuss a real-life clinical study. 

This video series is supported by Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

Key Learning Objectives

  • Identify patient subgroups who need encouragement with medicine adherence
  • Discuss the importance of maintaining statin treatment in patients at cardiovascular risk
  • Recall emerging strategies for dysphagia
  • Implement an individualised management approach for patients

Target Audience

  • General practitioners
  • Pharmacists
  • Nurses
  • HCPs

More from this programme

Part 1

Medicines and Dysphagia

Prof Barnett gives an overview of what dysphagia is, common complications when associated to other conditions and why it is important to consider the right medication in order to minimise risk.

Part 2

Importance of Maintaining Lipid Lowering Treatment

Dr Javaid presents a clinical case study and discuss the focus of primary and secondary prevention.

Part 3

Strategies to Manage Dysphagia and Medication

Mr Parmar gives an overview of alternative treatment options to oral tablets, individualising medicines for patients, the role of an MDT and the remaining challenges that face HCPs and patients.

Part 4

Case Study and Faculty Discussion

This all-faculty discussion will present a clinical case study that will provide practical tips and further discuss challenges, and how to overcome them, in a clinical scenario.

Faculty Biographies

Yassir  Javaid

Yassir Javaid

GPwSI Cardiology

Dr Yassir Javaid, Cardiovascular & Diabetes Lead Northamptonshire CCG, UK. Qualified from Cambridge University and completed his GP VTS training in Northampton. He has an interest in cardiology and echocardiography and was a clinical lead in the Northamptonshire Community Cardiology service, which had a focus on patients with heart failure and valve disease. Dr Javaid was named Pulse “GP of the Year” in 2015 for his work in reducing stroke emergency admissions in the East Midlands. He is also a council member of the British Heart Valve Society, accredited member of the British Society of Echocardiography and on the editorial board for the British Journal of Cardiology.

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