Coronary Bifurcations PCI

Published: 11 June 2021

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    Case 1
    Robert Gil, Tomasz Pawlowski
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    Part 1 | Session 2 Case 1: Interview
    Robert Gil, Tomasz Pawlowski
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    Part 2 | Session 1 Case 2
    Robert Gil, Tomasz Pawlowski
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    Part 2 | Session 2 Case 2: Interview
    Robert Gil, Tomasz Pawlowski
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    Part 3 | Session 1 Case 3
    Robert Gil, Tomasz Pawlowski
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    Part 3 | Session 2 Case 3: Interview
    Robert Gil, Tomasz Pawlowski
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Philips, in collaboration with Radcliffe Cardiology, are pleased to present expert video cases filmed at the Central Clinical Hospital of the MSWiA, Warsaw, Poland. In these videos, Prof Robert Gil and Dr Tomasz Pawlowski perform three cases, incorporating the treatment of OM-CX with bifurcation - dedicated stent, Bifurcation stenting and Complex PCI in distal LM stenosis. 


Further references and insights to this bifurcation campaign can be found by clicking here for the "Performing PCI in Coronary Bifurcation lesions in 2021" white paper and clicking here to view the "How to Perform PCI in Coronary Bifurcation Lesions in 2021" webinar.




This bifurcation programme is supported by:

Key Objectives

  • To understand the treatment of OM-CX with bifurcation
  • Gain expert advice in Bifurcation stenting
  • Learn tips and tricks in Provisional stenting
  • Understand the role of IFR & IVUS in coronary bifurcation cases

Target Audience

  • Interventional Cardiologists performing bifurcation procedures

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Part 1

Treatment of OM-CX with bifurcation

Part 2

Bifurcation stenting

Part 3

Complex PCI in distal LM stenosis

Faculty Biographies

Robert Gil

Robert Gil

Head, Department of Invasive Cardiology, CSK MSWiA, Warsaw, Poland

Robert Gil is Head of the Department of Invasive Cardiology of the Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration (MSWiA) in Warsaw, Poland, a position he has held since 2001.

Graduating from the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, since 2001 Prof Gil has been part of the Expert Team handling accreditation in cardiology, as appointed by the Polish Minister of Health. In addition, since 2002 he has been a Consultant of Healthcare for cardiology for the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. Prof Gil has wide scientific and research interests including the evaluation of atherosclerotic plaque characteristic and distribution, coronary stenosis significance, treatment of complex lesions, notably bifurcation lesions using invasive diagnostic techniques that include IVUS, OCT or iFR/FFR.

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Tomasz Pawlowski

Tomasz Pawlowski

Head of the Cardioangiography Laboratory, CSK MSWiA, Warsaw, Poland

Tomasz Pawlowski is a Head of the Cardioangiography Laboratory at CSK MSWiA in Warsaw, Poland, and also serves as Professor of Cardiology at the Centrum Medyczne Kształcenia Podyplomowego in Warsaw. Dr Pawlowski is a member of numerous professional bodies and societies, and is an Associate Member of the EuroCTO Club, and continues to serve on the organising committee of the WCCI – Warsaw Course on Cardiovascular Interventions.

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