ACC 2022: Late-breaking Science Video Collection

Published: 05 April 2022

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Our regular review series View from the Thoraxcenter hosted by Prof Nicolas Van Mieghem and Dr Joost Daemen (Thoraxcentre, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL) provide a concise analysis of the late-breaking science results and spotlight impactful data. 

For a deeper dive into key clinical trial data, Dr Harriette Van Spall (McMaster University, Hamilton, CA)talks with principal investigators in her regular Late-Breaker Discussion Series

Short, accessible Expert Interviews were conducted with select faculty focusing on the results, applicability, and impact on future research.

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Part 1

View from the Thoraxcenter

In this concise episode of View from the Thoraxcenter, Prof Nicolas Van Mieghem and Dr Joost Daemen (Thoraxcentre, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, NL) offer their analysis of the late-breaking trials that will be presented at ACC 2022.

Part 3

Expert Interviews

Faculty Biographies

Purvi Parwani

Purvi Parwani

Cardiologist & Advanced Cardiovascular Imager

Dr Purvi Parwani is a cardiologist, multimodality imager and Associate Professor of Medicine at Loma Linda University in California.

With board certification in Internal Medicine (2012), Nuclear Cardiology (2015), Echocardiography (2017) and Cardiovascular disease (2017), Dr. Parwani is a recognised expert in her field. Her research interests include cardiovascular imaging, structural echocardiography, cardiac prevention, and women's cardiovascular disease.

Dr Parwani believes that cardiovascular health begins with physical well-being and prioritizes lifestyle modifications, exercise, diet, and yoga for her patients. Her holistic approach to patient care and her commitment to improving women's heart health are a testament to her passion for her work.

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