In this AHA 2021 episode of Parallax, Dr Ankur Kalra’s guest is Dr Amit Khera, Professor and Director of Preventive Cardiology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas and Vice Chair of the Scientific Sessions.

For this week’s show, Dr Khera selected three thought-provoking late-breaking trials that will inform or change clinical practice. Ankur and Amit discuss how the AVATAR trial will influence guidelines, and whether these findings could be translated to TAVR. Most importantly, they discuss how AVATAR’s results could inform patient decisions.
Next, Dr Khera highlights a randomized trial that was designed to address the needs of a larger population. The China Rural Hypertension Control Project offers exciting insights and an innovative framework for relying on social healthcare work.
Lastly, Dr Kalra and Dr Khera discuss a trial that investigated the LDL-cholesterol lowering efficacy of MK-0616. This oral PCSK9 Inhibitor may open the door for more patients in the future.


What were the key findings? What are the take-home messages? How will these 3 trials foster new opportunities for patients?

Trials covered in detail include:
• Aortic Valve Replacement versus Watchful Waiting in Asymptomatic Severe Aortic Stenosis: The Avatar Trial
• A Cluster Randomized Trial of a Village Doctor-Led Intervention on Blood Pressure Control: China Rural Hypertension Control Project
• The Clinical Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and LDL-Cholesterol Lowering Efficacy of MK-0616, an Oral PCSK9 Inhibitor


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