In this final episode of our mini-series on value in academic medicine, Dr Ankur Kalra welcomes back Dr Nandan Anavekar, a Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and consultant for both the Cardiovascular and Radiology Departments at Mayo Clinic, who also serves as the Program Director for the Adult Cardiovascular Diseases Fellowship program.


In this inspiring conversation, Dr Anavekar and Dr Kalra discuss the education of postgraduate medical students and reflect on Dr Anavekar’s role as a Program Director. Dr Anavekar shares his motivations and the moral framework he uses to approach his responsibility towards his students.


The conversation then shifts towards the learning environment provided for medical students. Dr Anavekar contrasts the prevalent competitive culture and draws on Vedic philosophies to outline how we can strive for a student-centric culture that fosters a more collaborative environment and supports autonomous decision-making. Dr Anavekar asks listeners to look at medical education with fresh eyes by reframing what value means within this context.


Finally, Dr Anavekar talks about the Global Cardiology University Project and his work on democratizing medicine on a global scale.


How can we create a safe learning environment for medical students? What is Dr Anavekar's thoughts on the role of teachers and students in medical setting? What is Dr Anavekar's message to early-career faculty?


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Guest: @nandananavekar, host: @AnkurKalraMD and produced by: @RadcliffeCARDIO.

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