Chemical engineering seemed like a sensible choice for Shon who is coming from a family of engineers. At the age of 18 the trajectory of his path took a turn when he blindly sent out 30 resumes and received one offer from a cardiologist to work in his lab. Looking back, he realizes that this was the first time “who” luck shaped his career in medicine.

This week’s guest on Parallax is Dr Shon Chakrabarti, Vice President Medical Affairs at Inari Medical.

In this rich and candid episode, Dr Chakrabarti recalls the early stages of his career and the non-linear route that led to his transition from an interventional cardiologist to working on devices that focus on improving the treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This journey was paved by self-reflection, hunger for tangible results, and connections with mentors who dared to dream big and wished the same for their mentees.

How did the transition from bedside medicine to industry shape the identity of Dr Chakrabarti? What are the highlights of his job as the Vice President Medical Affairs? What is his advice for early career cardiologists?

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