Over the past two years, Parallax listeners have gotten to know Dr Ankur Kalra through his conversations with our guests. In this episode, we turned the tables and invited CardioNerds co-founder Dr Amit Goyal to reintroduce Dr Ankur Kalra interventional cardiologist, researcher, writer, and the host of this podcast.

In this candid and spiritual conversation Amit and Ankur take a journey through former episodes of Parallax and Ankur’s writings to explore what it takes to strive for a deeper knowledge of ourselves; or, as Ankur puts it, dharma, the inherent order of reality. Amit asks Ankur’s advice for foreign graduates who are aspiring to make a career in the US. They discuss mentorship as one of the inspirations for Parallax and Ankur’s personal experiences. Ankur examines what it means to be spiritual as a clinician: putting focus on our actions can help us recognize the value of everyday interactions and place the patient in the center of care.

What makes Ankur tick? How do Ankur and Amit think about the competitiveness of cardiology? How can we lead an examined life? And finally: What is Ankur's message to our listeners?

Questions and comments can be sent to “podcast@radcliffe-group.com” and may be answered by Ankur in the next episode. Guest @AnkurKalraMD, hosted by @AmitGoyalMD from @CardioNerds. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

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