In the season 6 premiere of Parallax, Dr Ankur Kalra welcomes Dr Alex Carter, a Senior Lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Department of Health Policy. As the course director for the executive MSc in Health Economics, Policy & Management, Dr Carter delves into the origins and evolution of LSE's health economics program, showcasing its transformation in response to the challenges facing health systems in 2024.


The podcast embarks on an exploration of the program's three fundamental pillars: health economics, outcomes measurement, and management. Dr. Carter underscores the importance of efficiently allocating scarce resources, evaluating health system performance through population outcomes, and translating theoretical knowledge into practical application through leadership.


Dr Kalra asks Dr Carter about his work with the HyperMarker project, an EU-funded initiative that leverages big data analytics to optimise the prescription of antihypertensives and generate personalized treatment recommendations for patients with hypertension.


What do we gain by understanding health economics? How was one of the first health economics programs created? What is Dr Carter’s message to our listeners?

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