In these unprecedented times, we provide an early release episode to gain insight on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic from Deputy Editor in Chief of US Cardiology Review, a BDG interventional cardiologist, Bill Gogas, MD, PhD practising in East Asia.


Hear Bill’s take on how East Asia responded to and successfully managed the pandemic and how they are now seeing a significant reduction in cases outside the epicentre. Hear how the strategy resulted in only 93 patients in Bill’s city of Nanjing, testing positive for coronavirus with a city population of 8 million.


Learn about effective responses, the importance of early control and how as a cardiovascular physician, your life and practice may be impacted by the virus.

Submit your question to Ankur via: podcast@radciffe-group.com. Hosted by @AnkurKalraMD. Produced by @RadcliffeCARDIO.

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32m 18s