Martha Gulati, Professor of Medicine and the Chief of Cardiology at the University of Arizona joins Ankur Kalra to continue the important conversation on how the cardiovascular community can stand up against sexism.

After the #MedBikini campaign provoked by a misogynistic study that scrutinized female doctors’ social media posts, this week’s episode is about creating a safer environment for female healthcare professionals.

Martha shares her leadership experiences as the chief and only woman of her division. She talks about the forms of sexism that are prevalent in the cardiovascular community, where less than 14% of the doctors are female. Ankur asks Martha about how men can become better allies for women in cardiology. They discuss the importance of a fair and welcoming environment for professionals and patients alike.

How to diagnose and treat sexism? How to recognise patterns of discrimination? How to call out sexism at your workplace? These are the questions Professor Gulati and Ankur Kalra pose and seek to find answers to.

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