Optimizing Cryoballoon Ablation: Patient Tailored AF Treatment With Arctic Front Advance Pro™

Optimizing Cryoballoon Ablation: Patient Tailored AF Treatment With Arctic Front Advance Pro™

Dr Tarv Dhanjal
University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire, NHS Trust, UK
PD Dr Andreas Metzner
UKE Hamburg, DE
Prof Dr Serge Boveda
Clinique Pasteur Toulouse, FR

Experts in electrophysiology will showcase the science and evidence behind the 4th generation Arctic Front Advance Pro™ cardiac cryoablation catheter and highlight the latest clinical evidence. The presenters will each draw on their clinical experience, for an in-depth discussion on improvements made in cryoballoon AF ablation and share practical advice to tailor the procedure to the individual patient.

The first Arctic Front™ cardiac cryoablation procedure took place in 2005, and since then, over 500,000 patients have been treated with the Arctic Front™ family of cardiac cryoablation catheters in over 1,600 centers worldwide.1 The efficiency benefits of this unique single-shot therapy are obvious and well documented in more than 800 peer-reviewed scientific articles. The results of the landmark FIRE AND ICE and CRYO4PERSISTENT AF trials highlight an important global shift to value-based healthcare, measured by the ability to standardize the index PVI procedure. The impact on patient outcomes as well as the economic value for the global healthcare systems is significant.


Dr Tarv Dhanjal, University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire, NHS Trust, UK

Dr. Dhanjal is a Consultant Cardiologist, Electrophysiologist and honorary Associate Clinical Professor of Cardiology at the University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire; University of Warwick and was previously Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology at St. Thomas' Hospital, UK. 

His expertise is in complex ablations: AF ablation and VT ablation. He has won many prizes, and is a published researcher and book author. Dr Dhanjal is also a fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP), British Medical Association, British Cardiac Society, Heart Rythmn Society and the Medical Defence Union. 


PD Dr Andreas Metzner, University Heart and Vascular Center, UKE Hamburg, DE

PD Dr Metzner joined the University Heart and Vascular Center, Hamburg, UKE Hamburg in March 2019 as Section Head of Electrophysiology and was previously a senior physician (Oberarzt) at the cardiac electrophysiology department at the Asklepios Klinik St. Georg in Hamburg, Germany, since 2013. He and his colleagues, under the leadership of Prof. Karl-Heinz Kuck, performed more than 2,000 cardiac ablations per year. He is engaged in the development and evaluation of innovative treatment options for cardiac arrhythmias.

PD Dr Metzner is committed to teaching and is a European lecturer and an international expert in atrial fibrillation ablation. He is an established researcher and author, and has published and co-authored over 100 scientific papers. PD Dr Metzner is a member of the German Cardiac Society and the European Heart Rhythm Association.


Prof Dr Serge Boveda, Clinique Pasteur, Toulouse, FR

Prof Dr Boveda (MD, PhD, FESC, FEHRA) is a specialist in cardiovascular diseases and the interventional treatment of cardiac arrhythmias since 1994. He is co-head of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Management Department at the Clinique Pasteur Toulouse (France), and Guest Professor for education in the postgraduate course of EP & Pacing, and research in the domain of EP at the Brussels University of Medicine (VUB).

He is currently the president of the arrhythmia working group of the French Society of Cardiology (SFC) since 2018, and faculty of the French national graduation on cardiac arrhythmias (Diplôme Inter Universitaire de Rhythmologie) since 2002.

Finally he is the co-founder and coordinator of the European Network for the Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias (RETAC), and the co-chair of EHRA's Scientific Documents Committee in 2018-2020. 

This webinar is to inform and educate electrophysiologists on the:

  • improvements made with the 4th generation Arctic Front Advance Pro™ cardiac cryoablation catheter and latest clinical data.
  • updates on dosing protocols to tailor AF ablation to the individual patient (vein).
  • tips and techniques to improve visualization of time-to-isolation (TTI).

The following professionals would benefit from this webinar:

  • Cardiac electrophysiologists and allied health professionals performing and assisting during cryoballoon AF ablation procedures.
  • Healthcare professionals using alternative AF ablation techniques.
  • Referring healthcare professionals treating AF patients will also find this topical.



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