Veryan and Vasorum joint press release
SOURCE: Vasorum and Veryan Medical

Vasorum (Dublin, Ireland) and Veryan Medical (Horsham, UK) have announced that from today Veryan Medical will support Vasorum in the commercialisation of the Celt ACD in the USA. The Celt ACD is an Arterial Closure Device that has been used in more than 60,000 patients to date with excellent clinical results following percutaneous catheter-based vascular procedures. 

Vasorum co-founder and CEO,  James Coleman MD said, "The Veryan Medical agreement is validation that the Celt ACD has proven itself to be a leading arterial closure device that allows rapid and complete haemostasis independent of vascular anatomy, including calcified arteries. This agreement provides an opportunity to accelerate growth for both companies in the USA."

“We are pleased to be working with Vasorum and the Celt ACD which has proven to be a game changing closure technology” said Nick Yeo, Veryan Medical’s CEO. “We plan to include the Celt device as an option in our MIMICS-3D USA registry which will start enrolling later this year. MIMICS-3D USA is a prospective, multicentre observational study evaluating the safety, effectiveness and device performance of the BioMimics 3D Vascular Stent System within a real-world clinical population of patients undergoing femoropopliteal intervention. MIMICS-3D-USA will enrol more than 500 patients in 40 clinical sites across the United States and Veryan will conduct a sub-analysis of patients who have had a Celt ACD used in the index procedure. Veryan is proud to support innovators like Vasorum to provide insights, marketing strategy, and a top-tier salesforce to ensure commercial success and clinical adoption. The Celt ACD and Veryan’s novel BioMimics 3D stent together represent an exciting combination both for our sales team and our customers.”

Syed Hussain MD, Chairman of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery at the Christie Clinic in Champaign, Illinois commented, “I have been using the Celt ACD for several years and have completed over 1,000 implants. The device is extremely easy to use and has unique benefits including rapid haemostasis allowing for safe patient ambulation shortly after the procedure.”

About Vasorum

Vasorum was founded by James Coleman MD, who has extensive experience in the medical device industry and, in particular, in the development of vascular closure devices. The Company is located in Dublin, Ireland.

Vasorum has received PMA approval and CE Mark for Celt ACD® which allows rapid closure of an arterial puncture site after percutaneous catheter-based vascular procedures. Celt ACD achieves closure by deploying a biocompatible implant to both the inside and the outside of the puncture site in the arterial wall. Celt ACD is available in three sizes to fit 5F, 6F and 7F sheaths and does not require exchange of the existing procedural sheath before deployment. With more than 60,000 patient implants to date, Celt ACD has proven itself to be a best in class arterial puncture closure device.

About Veryan Medical

Veryan became an Otsuka Medical Devices company in December 2018 and applies design intelligence derived from a combination of imagination, intuition and innovation to the development and marketing of interventional medical devices. Veryan’s Head Office is in Horsham, UK, its Innovation Research & Development facility is in Galway, Ireland and it has direct sales teams in Germany and the US. Veryan’s primary proprietary product is the BioMimics 3D Vascular Stent System which has approval in the US, Japan and Europe.

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