Toshiba’s Infinix-I systems will now use 3mensio Valve and CAAS A-Valve software from Pie Medical Imaging

To better facilitate transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. introduces two new software enhancements that complement its Infinix™-i cardiovascular X-ray systems. The Infinix-i systems will now utilize software from Pie Medical Imaging BV – 3mensio Valve™ and CAAS A-Valve™.

The 3mensio Valve™ software is used in planning TAVR procedures to visualize and analyze the aortic root and access routes. The 3mensio Valve screen is displayed in the Infinix-i procedure room to show the delivery pathway, 3D structure of the aortic root and calcifications present. CAAS A-Valve is utilized during the intervention. It uses two angiography X-ray projections to create a 3D reconstruction of the aortic root, providing the best visualization angle to move the Infinix-i C-arm into this optimal projection. To further enhance workflow, real-time measurements can be performed on the 2D and 3D images.

Toshiba’s Infinix-i moves like a hovercraft, offering unrestricted patient access and C-arm movement with high-resolution images, enabling physicians to conduct advanced TAVR procedures with maximum efficiency and efficacy. The system’s flexible design streamlines valve replacement procedures as physicians can obtain a wide range of imaging angles without repositioning the patient. The combination of the Infinix-i system design and mechanics with advanced visualization techniques creates the ideal lab for TAVR procedures.

“Having both advanced visualization and quantification software tools embedded directly into Toshiba’s Infinix-i systems will support physicians in better performing TAVR procedures,” said Stephen Bumb, director, X-ray Vascular Business Unit, Toshiba. “Offering the most advanced technology that improves efficiency and patient care is another example of Toshiba’s commitment to its customers.”

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