EuroPCR Congress 2024 Reveals its Late-Breaking Clinical Trial Presentations

EuroPCR Congress 2024 has revealed 2 late-breaking trial sessions, and 6 hot-line trial sessions to be presented in May. 

EuroPCR 2024 will be held from the 14th to 17th May at the Palais des Congrès de Paris in Paris, France. Access the full programme here.


Hotline: advances in coronary physiology

Tuesday 14th May, 11:45 – 13:15pm

  • Influence of pathophysiological patterns of CAD on the safety and efficacy of PCI – Presented by Dr Carlos Collet
  • Prognostic value of MRR in STEMI: a pooled analysis of individual patient data – Presented by Dr Mohamed El Farissi
  • QFR for the revascularization of non-culprit lesions of older patients with myocardial infarction – Presented by Dr Andrea Erriquez
  • Angiography-based radial wall strain in predicting non-culprit vessel failure – Presented by Dr Jiayue Huang
  • Combining angiography and pre-specified intracoronary testing in patients with chronic coronary syndromes: the AID-ANGIO study – Presented by Dr Adrian Jeronimo
  • FFRangio-based PCI were associated with better 1-year clinical outcomes in an international registry – Presented by Dr Yuetsu Kikuta
  • Diagnostic performance of fully automatic computational FFR in the CAREER study – Presented by Dr Shengxian Tu
  • Diagnostic accuracy of fully automatic Murray law-based quantitative flow ratio – Presented by Dr Daixin Ding


Late-breaking trials: TAVI head-to-head

Tuesday 14th May, 11:45 – 13:15pm

  • Self-expanding TAVI in patients with small aortic annuli: ancillary SMART trial analyses 2 – Presented by Dr Roxana Mehran
  • Percutaneous versus surgical treatment for patients with aortic stenosis and coronary disease – Presented by Dr Elvin Kedhi
  • Impact of valve type and anaesthesia strategy for TAVI – 5-year results of the SOLVE-TAVI trial – Presented by Dr Hans-josef Feistritzer
  • Long-term multiple comparison of transcatheter aortic valves – insights from the OBSERVANT II study – Presented by Dr Giuliano Costa
  • Comparison of self-expanding versus balloon-expandable transcatheter aortic valves: 1-year outcomes – Presented by Dr Wom-Keun Kim
  • Balloon-expandable versus self-expanding transcatheter valves in raphe-type bicuspid aortic stenosis – Presented by Dr Andrea Buono


Hotline: new coronary devices (DES, BRS, DCB)

Tuesday 14th May, 15:15 – 16:45pm

  • A randomised trial of iron bioresorbable scaffold compared with XIENCE in coronary artery disease – Presented by Dr Lei Song
  • Site-specific antithrombotic therapy: DESyne BDS Plus study 12-month outcomes – Presented by Dr Alexandre Abizaid
  • Two-year clinical outcomes of the BIOADAPTOR RCT study – Presented by Dr Shigeru Saito
  • Results of the magnesium BRS in complex lesions: data from the IT-Masters registry – Presented by Dr Stefano Galli
  • Randomised trial of biolimus vs paclitaxel coated balloons for coronary in-stent restenosis – Presented by Dr Lei Gao
  • Sirolimus vs paclitaxel DCB. A logistic regression analysis of EASTBOURNE and PEARL multicentre study – Presented by Dr Bernardo Cortese
  • Randomised comparison of Abluminus DES+ sirolimus-eluting stents versus everolimus-eluting stents in coronary artery disease patients with diabetes mellitus global: the ABILITY diabetes global study – Presented by Dr Roxana Mehran
  • Patient and procedure characteristics for 1000 Selution SLRTM sirolimus-eluting balloon procedures – Presented by Dr Simon Eccleshall


Major Late-Breaking Trials from EuroPCR 2024

Wednesday 15th May, 08:30 – 10:00am

  • One-month DAPT followed by 5-month Ticagrelor monotherapy in acute coronary syndromes with DCB – Presented by Dr Tao Ling
  • First TAVI vs. SAVR randomised trial in younger low-risk patients with severe tricuspid or bicuspid aortic valve stenosis - results from NOTION-2 – Presented by Prof Ole De Backer
  • Early outcomes of a randomised non-inferiority trial comparing TAVI devices: the LANDMARK trial – Presented by Dr Patrick Serruys


Randomised trials: substudies and extended follow-up - A quick update

Wednesday 15th May, 08:30 – 10:00am

  • Keep bIfurcation Single stenting Simple – Presented by Dr Bernard Chevalier
  • ORBITA2-Symptoms: the symptom-stratified analysis of ORBITA-2 – Presented by Dr Florentina Simander
  • Does completeness of revascularisation affect clinical outcomes? Insights from REVIVED-BCIS2 – Presented by Dr Margaret Mcentegart
  • Is coronary artery bypass surgery cost-effective compared with contemporary PCI – Presented by Dr Frederik Zimmermann
  • Hybrid coronary revascularisation–10-year clinical outcomes of the prospective randomised study – Presented by Dr Mateusz Tajstra
  • Long-term outcomes after immediate versus staged complete revascularisation in STEMI or NSTE-ACS – Presented by Dr Roberto Diletti
  • Improved DES for left main PCI in an all-comers population: 5-year results of the IDEAL-LM Trial – Presented by Dr Robert Van Geuns


TAVI hotline: long-term registry data

Wednesday 15th May, 10:30am – 12:00pm

  • Surgical versus transcatheter approach in combined coronary and aortic valve disease – Presented by Dr Ignacio J Amat-Santos
  • Long-term outcomes of transcatheter aortic valve vs. surgical aortic valve replacement – Presented by Dr Eliano Navarese
  • A prospective multicentre registry of a short-frame supra-annular transcatheter aortic valve – Presented by Dr Holger Thiele
  • Initial experience of a novel intra-annular self-expanding transcatheter aortic valve in Japan – Presented by Dr Kentaro Hayashida
  • Redefining small aortic annulus in patients receiving a self-expanding transcatheter aortic valve – Presented by Dr Michael Reardon
  • TAVR with a self-expandable bioprothesis: 12-year clinical and durability data – Presented by Dr Luca Testa
  • Long term clinical outcomes of the MyVal valve in patients with severe aortic stenosis – Presented by Dr Teoman Kilic


TAVI Hotline: new devices, new approaches

Wednesday 15th May, 14:45 – 16:15pm

  • First report of an IDE pivotal study of a dedicated splitting device during TAVR – Presented by Dr Danny Dvir
  • Upper extremity versus lower extremity for accessory access sites during TAVI – Presented by Dr Geert Versteeg
  • DurAVR biomimetic transcatheter heart valve: early feasibility study update – Presented by Dr Christopher Meduri
  • One-year efficacy and safety of the dry-pericardium aortic valve: A first-in-human feasibility study – Presented by Dr Kasparas Briedis
  • Using temporary permanent pacemaker as a one-month bridge after TAVI – Presented by Dr Guanyuan Song
  • Clinical evaluation of the Hydra self-expanding THV: 30 days results from the GENESIS-II study – Presented by Dr Nagendra Boopathy Senguttuvan


First-in-man and out-of-the-box innovations hotline

Wednesday 15th May, 14:45 – 16:15pm

  • BackBeat: Atrio-Ventricular Interval Modulation (AVIM) for blood pressure control – Presented by Dr Avi Fischer
  • First-in-Man safety and efficacy of renal stimulation with direct wire pacing during denervation procedure – Presented by Dr Benjamin Faurie
  • Results of the REDUCED 1 study assessing the TIVUS system in renal denervation – Presented by Dr James Zidar
  • Radial approach renal denervation: first-in-man study with the 4F TIVUS system – Presented by Dr Michael Jonas
  • Renal Denervation as a day case procedure – Presented by Dr Eileen Coen
  • Multicenter registry on robotically assisted percutaneous coronary interventions - TESLA registry – Presented by Dr Dariusz Dudek
  • Robotic Tele-Surgery Stenting – Presented by Dr Pradip Kumar Karmakar
  • Advances in Holographic Imaging for Procedural Planning and Guidance (Realview Imaging) – Presented by Dr Elchanan Bruckheimer


First results of randomised trials on advanced plaque modification techniques and intracoronary imaging

Thursday 16th May, 10:30am – 12:00pm

  • Does OCT optimise results of stenting on the left main: a randomised, controlled, multicentre trial – Presented by Dr Nicolas Meneveau
  • Primary outcome of randomised controlled trial of the safety and effectiveness for OCT or IVUS-guide – Presented by Dr Shanshan Zhou
  • OCT vs. angiography for guidance of calcified lesions PCI: the CALIPSO trial – Presented by Dr Nicolas Amabile
  • Debulking with rotational atherectomy versus balloon angioplasty in patients with in-stent restenosis – Presented by Dr Do-Yoon Kang
  • The laser atherectomy for STEMI, PCI analysis with scintigraphy study – Presented by Dr Kensuke Takagi
  • Balloon angioplasty versus shockwave intravascular lithotripsy – Presented by Dr Bernard Wong
  • Rotational atherectomy, lithotripsy or laser for calcified coronary stenosis – Presented by Dr Alfonso Jurado


Mitral and tricuspid hotline

Thursday 16th May, 14:45 – 16:15pm

  • Transcatheter mitral repair in patients with moderate mitral regurgitation: one-year outcomes from the MiCLASP study – Presented by Dr Philipp Lurz
  • Impact of intra-procedural residual mitral regurgitation and gradient following TEER for primary mitral regurgitation – Presented by Dr Augustin Coisne
  • Report on the AltaValve early feasibility study – Presented by Dr Vlasis Ninios
  • One-year outcomes of transcatheter edge-to-edge repair for primary tricuspid regurgitation – Presented by Dr Atsushi Sugiura
  • Impact of residual tricuspid regurgitation after transcatheter tricuspid valve repair on survival – Presented by Dr Julien Dreyfus
  • Transcatheter tricuspid valve implantation using the LuxValvePlus system: compassionate use outcomes – Presented by Dr Jorg Hausleiter
  • Multivalvular disease in TAVR-patients: Multicentre study on impact of staged valvular interventions – Presented by Dr Baravan Al-Kassou