CARDIOSTIM EHRA EUROPACE 2014 - Announcement press release


The upcoming edition of world congress on cardiac electrophysiology and cardiac techniques will be held in Nice, from June 18 to 21, 2014.

This meeting, awaited by all the international experts involved in the management of rhythm disorders, gathers more than 5,500 delegates coming from 126 countries over an unequalled scientific program.

Every two years, it takes stock on the evolution of the technologies at the practitioners’ disposal for improved patients care: state-of-the-art medical devices and research advancement making reality the new treatments of the diseases linked to rhythm disorder.

All the techniques of cutting-edge care, diagnostical and therapeutical, as well as the multidisciplinary scientific fields pertaining to cardiac electrophysiology are presented in the congress: invasive and non- invasive electrophysiology, catheter ablation, stimulation, defibrillation, resynchronization, new drug therapeutics, cardiac imaging, new biomarkers, emerging cardiovascular technologies, the genetics inputs and the answers to atrial and ventricular fibrillation, heart failure and other rhythm pathologies. 


  • Reflection of the dynamism of cardiac electrophysiology, the program of this 2014 edition proposes 190 sessions covering all the fields of this medical specialty in constant evolution.
  • 1,146 abstracts received from over sixty countries have undergone a very strict selection, and will be displayed or commentated via posters. They confirm the interest of the young cardio physiologists’ community in CARDIOSTIM, guaranteed to meet their colleagues and renowned eldest.
  • Cardiology and rhythm international societies contribute to the program and reveal regional epidemiology facts in cardiac rhythm disorders throughout the world; an approach which highlights their attachment in the congress and shows the will of CARDIOSTIM and EHRA to maintain long-standing relationships.
  • The industry is also very proactive and involved in CARDIOSTIM with 27 symposia dealing with technological and pharmacological advances conducted by professionals of the field.



Revolutionary technical advances presented on the previous edition are now under an active trial phase:

  • Leadless devices: pacemakers and miniature defibrillators, leadless, are nowadays subjected to advanced clinical trials in several selected countries which enable encouraging feedbacks for implanted patients; these new tools prevent them from suffering from frequent medical complications linked to the devices leads (infections, dysfunction, and extractions).
  • New catheters with a navigation system based of the magnetic triangulation principle improve ablation procedures safety and efficiency.


CARDIOSTIM/EHRA EUROPACE basic research program will highlight topics to break-through in a not so distant future.

Nowadays, fast advances notably in genetics enable professionals to better comprehend the mechanism of a certain number of pathologies, especially the sudden death in adult and young patients. Over time, risks prevention policies might be considered thanks to this biological knowledge.

Pharmaceutical issues will be enhanced as CARDIOSTIM/EHRA EUROPACE will largely cover the topic of the new anticoagulants which highly interest the practitioners, but which use is subjected to recent controversies.

In a general public note

  • The setting up of semi-automatic external defibrillators in public places will be questioned: their implementation fast extended and it is nowadays relevant to reconsider their locations developments. In an exclusively medical approach, an efficient policy must be continued regarding possible equipment in places such as schools, collective ownership properties, domiciles...along with ensuring to bring the necessary training adapted to public end-users.
  • The topic of sudden death in athletes, whose spectacular cases multiply in various sports, will have a highlight at the time of the 2014 Football World Cup in Brazil.

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