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Abiomed: Manufacturer of Impella® Percutaneous Ventricular Assist Device

Abiomed, founded in 1981, is a global pioneer in healthcare technology, with a mission to recover hearts and save lives.

From the World’s first total replacement heart pump to the World’s smallest heart pump, Abiomed has developed a family of ventricular assist devices (VAD), namely the Impella® platform of percutaneous VADs.

The range includes the Impella® 2.5, which at 1/100th the size of the heart is the only percutaneous hemodynamic support device that is proven safe and effective by the FDA for high risk percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedures.

Abiomed is committed to discovering ways to deliver advanced and beneficial medical technology to both physicians and patients alike.

Key Facts:

  • Company founded in 1981
  • Corporate Headquarters: Danvers, Massachusetts
  • European Division: Aachen, Germany
  • Number of Employees: 700+
  • NASDAQ Symbol: ABMD
  • World’s Smallest Heart Pump





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