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'Health for Tomorrow' has continued to be Parama-Tech's theme since foundation as we have established ourselves as a specialized automatic sphygmomanometer manufacturer. Pulse Wave-Korotkoff Soundgraph Monitor, one of Parama-Tech's brand devices, attracted attention in the medical field as the very first device in the world that records and displays the artery sound during the measurement of blood pressure.Presentations and analyses of Korotkoff sound have been conducted by various research institutions including the Department of Internal Medicine at Osaka University, Japan.

The following three objectives support our management:

1. Construction of Blood Pressure Control System
From a sphygmomanometer manufacturer's stand point, we hope to enrich the blood pressure control system, both software and hardware, as a part of medical health care.

2. Development of Home Care Support System
Increase in the national medical expenditure caused by the aging society heavily impacts not only the nation's economy but also the people. Patients who want to receive terminal care in their own homes and social needs to respond to such demand are increasing rapidly.As for home care, we are making continued efforts in the development of a support system including a vital sign monitor to ensure the patient’s safety and communication network between patients and medical institutions.

3. Internationalization
We are a Japanese medical device manufacturer, we have built up our brand with confidence of high quality and our own specific features. We try to provide our products which are really helpful to people. We believe our world is borderless. Our Personal ECG Recorder and our Digital Infusion Controller have already entered international markets. We continue to promote other products to help people in the world as 'Health for Tomorrow'.