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NeoChord, Inc., a venture backed medical device company, is investigating minimally invasive technology intended to transform the treatment of degenerative mitral regurgitation.

The company's first product is a novel surgical device designed to enable beating heart, sternal sparing implantation of artificial chordae tendineae. Ruptured or elongated "chords" are a primary cause of mitral leaflet prolapse and the ensuing mitral regurgitation (MR). MR is a progressive disease which left untreated can lead to atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure and other cardiac events. The current surgical treatment for MR is effective but highly invasive, potentially causing many to delay surgical intervention until symptoms become more severe. NeoChord hopes to offer patients a less invasive option that will encourage timely intervention and subsequently development of fewer symptoms and associated cardiac events.

The initial technology was developed by cardiac surgeons at Mayo Clinic and NeoChord has an exclusive worldwide license from Mayo to develop, commercialize and distribute this technology. Going forward the company plans to develop additional minimally invasive technologies for treatment of structural heart disease.