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The British Society for Heart Failure was founded in 1998 by a group of leading cardiac healthcare professionals who recognised a gap in knowledge and understanding of heart failure across the health service. Professor Philip Poole-Wilson, the founding chairman of the BSH was interested in heart failure, coronary heart disease and the global prevention of heart disease and stroke. Heart failure was his major research focus and his work covered both basic science (laboratory studies) and clinical research. He was an enthusiastic supporter of high-quality fundamental research and a strong advocate of translational research so that what was learnt in the laboratory could be implemented more quickly and efficiently in medical practice.  From these beginnings, interest and investment in research into heart failure has grown substantially and contributed to significant strides forward in understanding, treatment and management.

The British Society for Heart Failure (BSH) leads the way in educating doctors, nurses and allied specialists working in hospitals and the community so that care for patients with heart failure can be improved.

It is the BSH's aim to equip healthcare professionals, including those most closely involved in caring for people with heart failure with up-to-date specialist education and research. 

The advice and guidance of a specialist is essential for planning care and for specialist intervention. All patients with chronic conditions should have access to a multi-disciplinary team. Those patients who need the expertise of a heart failure specialist should have access to one. It is the BSH's intention to continue to grow the network of HF specialists throughout the country so no patient in need goes without the care they require.


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