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9391 Grogan’s Mill Road, Suite A-6 The Woodlands

TX 77380

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About Berlin Heart
Berlin Heart GmbH is the only company worldwide that develops, produces, and distributes implantable and external ventricular assist devices for patients of every age and body size. 

About the INCOR®
INCOR® is an implantable left ventricular assist device for adults. The impeller, the only moving part within the pump, is magnetically levitated, which makes the pump unique worldwide and ideally suited for long-term support. More than 500 patients have been supported with the system, some of them for several years. The longest support time so far is six years.

About EXCOR®
EXCOR® is a paracorporeal ventricular assist device for patients of all age groups, from newborns to adults. It is used for short-, mid- and long-term cardiac support and can support failing hearts for any duration from a couple of days to several months and years. Since the first implantation in 1988 EXCOR® has been implanted in more than 2.000 patients worldwide.

EXCOR® is currently under clinical investigation for pediatric use in USA. All other products are not FDA approved.