Overcoming Complex Anatomies with Cryoballoon Ablation

Overcoming Complex Anatomies with Cryoballoon Ablation

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Thursday 28th September 2017
@ 18:00 (CEST)

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Moderated By
Dr. Neil Davidson
Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester (GB)
Performed By
Prof. Gian Battista Chierchia
Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel - VUB, Brussels (BE)
Performed By
PD Dr. KR Julian Chun
CCB, Markus Krankenhaus, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

The purpose of this webinar is to support participants interested in advancing their Cryoballoon AF ablation practice. Participants interested in treating their patients with Cryoballoon will review important background on left atrial anatomy and physiology. Practical fluoroscopy images, videos and ECGs will be included to explain complex cases. Clinical best practices will be discussed, including possible adverse events and how to avoid these. The webinar will highlight techniques on how to deal with challenging anatomies, tips for transseptal access, effective steerable sheath navigation, over-the-wire techniques for precise catheter placement and therapy delivery.

The first Arctic Front Cardiac Cryoablation procedure took place in 2005 and since then over 250,000 patients have been treated with Cryoballoon in over 1600 centers worldwide. The efficiency benefits of this unique single-shot therapy are obvious and well documented in the more than 450 peer-reviewed scientific articles. The results of the FIRE AND ICE trial highlight an important global shift to value-based healthcare. The ability to standardize the index AF procedure opens new possibilities for patient treatment and economic savings for the global healthcare systems.

The objectives of the webinar are to:

  • Improve knowledge of Cryoballoon AF ablation (tips and techniques)
  • Review left atrial anatomical variations and discuss real-world ablation scenarios
  • Compare techniques and approaches of Cryoballoon ablation by expert users
  • This webinar is dedicated to cardiac electrophysiologists performing Cryoballoon AF ablation.
  • Healthcare professionals using alternative AF ablation techniques will also find this topical.

Dr. Neil Davidson

Medical Director
University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Davidson is Medical Director at the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust. Since May 2002, he has been a Consultant Cardiologist with a specialist interest in electrophysiology. He trained at University of Freeman Hospital, Newcastle, Westmead Hospital in Sydney and the Royal Melbourne Hospital. His key areas of clinical interest include atrial fibrillation and in particular cryo-ablation. Dr. Davidson is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester since 2008.


Prof. Gian Battista Chierchia

Professor of Medicine and Director of the Atrial Fibrillation Program
Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel - VUB, Brussels, Belgium

Prof. Chierchia has been Director of the Atrial Fibrillation Program at the Heart Rhythm Management Institute of the Vrije Universtair Ziekenhuis of Brussels, directed by Prof. Pedro Brugada, since 2007. He has been trained at the University of Milan, Italy.


PD Dr. KR Julian Chun

Privatdozent Doctor of Medicine and Head of Electrophysiology
CCB, Markus Krankenhaus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Dr. Chun is heading the electrophysiology section at CCB, Markus Krankenhaus in Frankfurt, Germany. He has been trained at the University of Lübeck and St. Georg Hospital, Hamburg, Germany. Since October 2011 he is a member of the Nucleus and Treasurer of the Arrhythmia Working Group at the German Cardiac Society. He is a faculty member at the University of Lübeck, Germany.


The faculty members of this webinar are committed to teaching and are European lecturers and international proctors for Cryoballoon ablation in atrial fibrillation. They have trained electrophysiologists from across the world in the safe, effective and efficient use of various AF ablation techniques with particular relevance to this presentation. They have performed more than 2000 Cryoballoon procedures as first operators. They have authored numerous publications on heart rhythm disorders including atrial fibrillation in international peer reviewed journals.


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