Sahar S Abdelmoneim


Division of Cardiovascular Diseases, Mayo Clinic, Rochester


Sahar S Abdelmoneim, MD, MSc, MS, is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases Division, Cardiac ultrasound and hemodynamic Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, and an Assistant Lecturer of Cardiology at Assiut university in Egypt. She has completed five years of dedicated echocardiography research focused on the utilization of ultrasound contrast agents for left ventricular opacification and myocardial perfusion under the mentorship of Professor Sharon L Mulvagh. Dr Abdelmoneim received her MD from Assiut university, where she also completed her residency and fellowship in cardiology. She earned an MSc in cardiology in 2003, and recently was awarded an MS in clinical and translational science.

Articles by Sahar S Abdelmoneim, MD, MSc, MS

Stress Echocardiography—State of the Art

Sahar S Abdelmoneim, Sharon L Mulvagh,

Citation: US Cardiology 2009;6(2):16–26