Río Aguilar-Torres

Job title
Director of the Cardiac Imaging Unit
Hospital de Bellvitge

Río Aguilar-Torres is Director of the Cardiac Imaging Unit of the Hospital de Bellvitge and an Associate Professor of Physiology at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona School of Medicine. An expert in advanced echocardiography, Dr Aguilar-Torres is President of the Cardiac Imaging Section of the Spanish Society of Cardiology. As a Senior Consultant in the Cardiac Imaging Unit at Hospital Vall d'Hebron, he has participated in various research projects, including the role of imaging techniques in the study of dissection of the aorta, biomechanical properties of the aorta, molecular imaging using contrast echocardiography and assessment of right ventricular function in pulmonary hypertension using non-invasive imaging techniques. Recently, Dr Aguilar-Torres has participated in many of the advanced cardiac imaging courses organised in the more important hospitals in Spain.