Prasad Gunasekaran

Prasad Gunasekaran

Interventional Cardiologist


Mercy Heart Hospital, Springfield, MO, US

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Dr Prasad Gunasekaran is an interventional cardiologist with a focus on transcatheter structural heart interventions from Mercy Heart Hospital, Springfield, MO. He holds a special interest in intracoronary imaging with IVUS/OCT and vulnerable coronary plaques. His clinical practice involves use of intracardiac echo (ICE) for structural heart interventions and low-contrast precision percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI).

His research has culminated in compelling data on clinical outcomes of imaging-based PCI in coronary artery ectasia. Additionally, his novel research has underscored the safety and feasibility of dobutamine coupled with pressure wire usage in the severity assessment of low flow, low gradient aortic stenosis. His effective participation in randomized controlled trials involving GLP-1 analogues and their beneficial cardiovascular outcomes has resulted in publications in the New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Gunasekaran has served as a member of the publications & editorial coordination committee of the American College of Cardiology (ACC). He has been an invited abstract reviewer for their annual scientific session for 5 consecutive years. As the editorial fellow for the ACC chapter engagement section, he authored multiple articles on advocacy. Currently, he serves as an Assistant Professor in the University of Missouri. During his residency and advanced cardiology training, he has been the recipient of multiple regional and national awards.

Dr Prasad Gunasekaran serves as section editor (Structural Heart Interventions) for US Cardiology Review Journal.